Download CSV/Excel Data

To get data from the project you are scraping into a CSV file follow the steps below. To run your project to begin a scrape, follow these steps.

Download data from the ParseHub Desktop App

From a project you are currently working on:

1) Build your project

2) Click "Get Data" in the blue menu dropdown, while in the project editor.

3) Click on the "Run" button

4) Click on the "Save and Run" button

5) Wait for ParseHub to finish scraping your website. If you are on the last "Run Screen" in the ParseHub desktop app you can wait for ParseHub to refresh every few seconds.

When the data is done refreshing you will see a "Download CSV" button turn green. You can click this button to download your data. 

From an old project or if you exit the project you were working on:

1) From the "Home" screen you can click on "My projects"

2) Click on the "Get Data" button beside the project name in the list.

3) You will see a list of your finished runs. Click the "Open" button for the run that you want.

4) On the "Run Screen" click the "Download CSV" button to open your results.

Download data from your email

ParseHub will send you an email when your run is finished. You can follow the link in your email to download your data.

Note that this is the best option if you suspect ParseHub will take more than a few minutes to scrape your website.

Download data from the ParseHub website

Log into ParseHub and go to your list of projects. From here you will be able to click on the specific project and navigate to the last run of the project. Your data will be ready from download.