Run your project

After you are done editing your project, click "Get Data" in the blue menu dropdown, while in the project editor.

Or click on the blue "Get Data" button from the projects list. 

You will be asked to "Schedule" your project or to "Run" it on our servers. Click the "Run" button.

You can click on the "Advanced Options" tab if you want to edit any of the settings for this specific run. Now, click "Save and Run."

ParseHub will start scraping your website and will take you to the run screen.


You have to wait a few minutes (sometimes a few hours depending on the number of pages you want to crawl) before downloading your data.

Download your data:

To download your data wait for ParseHub to scrape your website. When ParseHub is done crawling, you can click on the "Download CSV" or "Download JSON" buttons.


A text editor or Excel (or similar program) will prompt you to open your data. You can save the CSV or JSON file and view your data.

You can also use our API to feed the data directly into your mobile or web app.