New Version Product Changes

In the video below we will explain all of the product changes in the new version of ParseHub.

To follow along with the video read the instructions below:

In this video I will show you all of the changes we made on an eCommerce website.
Click created new project. Copy the Etsy backpacks url into the text box and click “Im on the starting url”. Let’s get all of the products from this first page.
To access the tool bar click on the plus button on each command. Let’s click on the plus button on the "Select page command" and choose the "Select tool".
Click on the first product on the page. Keep clicking on the second and third product to select all of the products. You do not have to hold down the SHIFT key. Just keep clicking.
In the new version, when selecting multiple elements on the page, 3 tasks are automated for you. The "List command" has been renamed to “Begin new entry command" and is automatically created for you when many elements are selected. The text and url for each of the products is also extracted. You can see 2 new columns containing all of the results created for you in Excel.
You can click on the commands to fix what is extracted for you or click on the delete icon to remove the commands you do not need.
You have all of the 48 products from one page. Let’s get products from all of the pages in this category. Go back to the "Select page command” and click on the plus button to open the tool bar. Choose the "Select tool" from the toolbar. Select the next button near the pagination. Rename the command “pagination”. Now that it is selected, you need to tell ParseHub to click on every page and get the same type of data on it. 
Click on the "Select & Extract pagination command" plus button. Choose the "Click tool" from the toolbar. The Click and Navigate tools have been combined in the new version to make it much easier for you to open new pages, dropdown, tabs and more.
The “Stay on current template” is selected for you - so just click “Stay on current template”. Now ParseHub will go and apply the main_template that we just set up to all of the 250 pages of backpacks. We said to stay on the same template, because ParseHub will open the same type of page when you click the next button.
Let’s check if this is correct. In this version we introduced the “Select and Browse Mode” toggle button. Click the green “Select" button at the top and change it to “Browse" mode. This let’s you navigate the website without ParseHub interfering.
Click on the next button. Now click on the "Begin new entry products command". Notice that all of the products on the 2nd page are also selected and extracted into the sample results.
For one last step, let’s open the details page of each product and get data on the details page. Click on the plus button on the “Begin new entry command" and choose the “Click tool". This time, select “Create new template", because the details page will look completely different from the product listings page and will have a different structure. And type in a new name for the template such as “details” and click "Create new template". A new template will open together with a new page. You only see one product page here, but ParseHub will scrape all product pages automatically for you when you run the project. Let’s choose the image on this page and get the url.
Now, click “Get Data”, “Run”, “Save and Run” to collect your data from the website. When the data is ready for you to download this page will automatically refresh and you will be able to click the green buttons. You will also get a notification email with a link to your data.
You can still easily access our API as well. If you need any help contact us at anytime. We would love to hear what you think of ParseHub version two.