Enter value into text box

Often times you will want to interact with a website and enter text into a search box to get new results or into a form to send out a message automatically.

In this tutorial you will learn how to enter any text, keyword, search term into an input/text box.

If you want to enter a series of keywords or searches into a text box, check out this tutorial instead.

1. Click on the "Select page" command + button that is located on the right of the command.

2. From the tool box choose the "Select" tool.

3. Click on the text box on the page. Automatically the Input command should appear. You can rename the selection command anything you want - such as input.

4. Type in your text and watch it get typed into the website at the same time. That's it! Now ParseHub will go through the website and enter text into the input just like you would - but automatically.


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