Download Images and Files to Dropbox (for all Paid plans)

ParseHub is able to integrate with your Dropbox account and directly extract images from a run, as well as download any files to your Dropbox.

Using Dropbox integration to extract an image

1) Click the profile dropdown on the menu screen, and select Integrations

2) Click on Dropbox, then click the Enable button on the following page

3) Login to DropBox when prompted to. You'll be notified if the integration is successful

4) Press the + button and add a select, or relative select command

5) Select an image on the page

6) Hold shift and press the + button that appears when you hover over the new selection. Add an extract command.

7) In the text box underneath the Extract dropdown, input $e.screenshotToDropbox()

Download a File

To download a file from a run into your Dropbox, do as above with any element you want to download, such as PDF links, swf files or otherwise. 

Select the download link on the page, press the + button, add an extract command. Paste $e.downloadToDropbox() in the extract text box.

Please note this function is applicable on the websites which allow you to download files through a download link on the web page. If you are interested in the images which are embedded on the web page, you should use the function which was mentioned in the first section: $e.screenshotToDropbox() 


Specify a Folder and the MaxTime

Both of the functions above can also take two additional parameters to specify the name of the folder you would like to download or save the screenshot to and the maximum amount of time (maxtime) you would like the function to run:

  • $e.downloadToDropbox(folder,maxtime) 
  • $e.screenshotToDropbox(folder,maxtime)