Where is the "Plus Button"?

The Plus Button lets you add new commands in ParseHub, to navigate through the page and extract particular data. Sometimes it can be hidden when you need to find the toolbar.

Where is it?

The plus button is only shown by default on selections that have no children, and on conditionals and loops.

If you click on this button, the tool box will open for you to select commands.

To add any commands beside the three here, click the advanced button.

Note that you shouldn't use the advanced commands before you have a good understanding of the basics of ParseHub.

My command doesn't have a plus button!

ParseHub doesn't always put a plus button on every command. In particular, if a select command already has children, or if it doesn't take children (such as a click command).

You can add use the plus button on any existing command by holding down the shift key while hovering over a command, and clicking the plus button that appears.

If the command you add to can take children, the new command will be added as a child. Otherwise, it was be added as a sibling to the command.