Creating and Removing Commands

Creating commands is done through the + button on the right side of some commands, or through keyboard shortcuts.

You can access the toolbar through the on the right side of other commands. Some commands do not have the + button. This is because ParseHub has detected this is not common behaviour. In some cases, where you want to create a command regardless, you can show the by holding shift and hovering over the command.

Command Keyboard Shortcuts:

You can use these keyboard shortcuts to quickly add commands.

  • ctrl + s - creates an empty select command
  • ctrl + j - creates an empty relative select command
  • ctrl + e - creates an extract command
  • ctrl + l - creates a Begin New Entry command
  • ctrl + c - copy the active command
  • ctrl + v - paste the copied commands as a child to the current comamnd

Removing commands

You can remove a command by clicking the × button to the right of a command, when you hover over it.