Google sheet as a list of URLs to crawl

ParseHub allows you to scrape a list of URLs. The list of URLs (starting values) can be updated either on the ParseHub application or through our API for each run. 

In this article we will show you an alternative way for updating the list of URLs that you are scraping without interacting with the application or with the API. This alternative involves using Google sheets to provide a list of updated URLs to scrape. This way the URLs can be updated easily by you, and ParseHub will use the most up to date list to run the project.

Please note that ParseHub will not start two runs with the same starting site/starting value at the same time. If you wish to start two runs for different set of URLs simultaneously, we recommend to create two different Google sheets and start the project for these two sheets by changing the starting site on the run’s/project’s settings.

Creating a Google Sheet:

1. Login to your Google account and choose Drive from the menu on the top-right corner.

2. Click on NEW and choose "Google Sheets".

3. Rename the Google sheet to whatever you like, and enter your list of URLs on this sheet.