My CSV/Excel file is formatted incorrectly

Sometimes when you download your CSV file and open it in Excel you may find that the formatting is not appearing as expected or perhaps it isn't appearing with the characters of your language (Cyrillic, Chinese, Arabic, Japanese... etc.). Your file may look similar to the below:


You can resolve this issue by importing the file into Excel with the correct settings.


Importing your CSV file into Excel

1. Open a blank workbook in Microsoft Excel.


2. Click on File > Import.



3. Choose the CSV file option and click on the "Import" button.



4. Choose your CSV file from the folder you have saved it on in your device. 


5. In the Text Wizard, ensure that the Data Type is set to "Delimited" and the File Origin to "Unicode (UTF-8)" and then click on "Finish"



6. When asked "Where do you want to put the data?", leave the default value and click on "OK".



7. Your data should appear with the correct formatting.



Viewing your CSV file in different languages

First complete the steps in the previous section. If you are using characters from a non-Latin language and still aren't seeing the document in the correct language, you can choose your language in Excel from Tools > Language.