Receiving error with Tableau Connector

If you are trying to use the Information Lab ParseHub to Tableau Connector and are receiving the error "Tableau Data Engine Error: 49032: unterminated identifier
Unable to create extract", it may be because the connector is not able to handle projects that have starting values.

This is a very easy fix! If your project references starting values to loop through a list, then all you have to do is cut (ctrl x) the list from the starting value (all that should be in the text box is the two curly brackets {} ) and then paste the entire list directly into the loop.


Example: If you have tried a project with starting value 

{ "movies": [{ "url": "", "price": "$9.99" }, { "url": "", "price": "$10.99" }] }

and then reference the starting value with the command "For item in movies",

then you need to change the starting value to {}

and change the Loop command to "For each item in [{ "url": "", "price": "$9.99" }, { "url": "", "price": "$10.99" }]"


The two loops will work the exact same. If this doesn't solve the problem, then please contact support and we will find the cause of the problem!