Project settings

In the "Settings" tab of the project you can do the following:

  1. Rename the project. A project name is given to your project by default (using the url that you are scraping).
  2. Change the starting site. The starting site is the url that you enter first into the "Enter the URL you'd like to extract data from" text box before clicking on "Start project on this URL"
  3. Starting template. You can change which template ParseHub uses to start scraping your website.
  4. Access your project token. You will need this to work with our API.
  5. Enable or disable loading of JavaScript and Images
  6. Enable or disable Rotating IP Address's (only available on our paid plans)
  7. Change max workers (advanced option)
  8. Enter a url for Web Hooks. This url will be called anytime an event happens to any of the runs on this specific project.
  9. Starting value. Can be used to enter a list of urls or keywords in JSON format that will be applied to your project.