Browse mode vs. Select mode

The browse mode allows you to browse the web page normally, as you would in a regular browser, without ParseHub interfering.

Select mode allows you to add elements to the current select or relative select command. While in select mode, clicking on the page will not navigate or activate dynamic elements.

You can toggle the browse mode with the button between the project tabs and menu button. You can switch between the browse and the select mode at anytime.

If you make a selection accidentally when you intended to use the browse tool, you can hold alt, with select mode enabled, to deselect the latest selected element.

ParseHub in browse mode

ParseHub in select mode

You should use the browser mode to:

  • Figure out the structure of a website by navigating through the pages
  • Navigate to another page to test a template and the navigation command
  • Test how drop downs, clicks, hovers, and inputs work on the page before making selections